Better Packing

Better Packing

This week we have a better bite episode on packing. We have efficiently rolled, folded and bundled a variety of tips and hacks to help you choose the perfect luggage, plan what to bring, maximize space and avoid breakages and messes. Don’t leave home without listening to this episode and most importantly make sure you are well stocked with Glad Press ‘n Seal!

We hope you found this episode valuable and were able to take away a few helpful tips and a few new insights. We look forward to hearing about your experiences and wisdom on this topic.

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Here are some highlights from this episode:

  • What are the characteristics of the perfect luggage?

  • How your packing strategy should change depending on the destination & activities you plan.

  • We have the debate on folding vs. rolling vs. bundling. Which method will win?!

  • The miracle material that is Glad Press ‘n Seal!

  • March’s patented wrinkle fix formula

  • and lots more 🤣

Show Notes

  • 1.35 — Darren shares his secret talent of cramming 5lbs of things into a 2lb bag

  • 2:18 — March shares 4 pillars for better packing

  • 2:47 — How to choose the right luggage

  • 6:20 — Darren shares his favorite luggage brand

  • 7:30 — How Ian finds his luggage on the carousel

  • 8:00 — How Darren reduces damage to his bags

  • 8:50 — Darren shares his laminated packing checklist — travel nerd alert!

  • 10:35 — How do different type of trips affect what you pack?

  • 12:30 — The big debate! Fold, roll or bundle???

  • 14:20 — Should you use vacuum bags?

  • 17:00 — The miracle that is Glad Press n Seal

  • 20:00 — Why your sunglasses case should be full of delicate items

  • 21:45 — March’s patented wrinkle fix formula


Episode Transcript

Coming soon.

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