Better Bite: Supplements

Better Bite: Supplements

In this week's show we explore the complicated world of supplements. We explore how they are regulated (or not) and what tactics someone could take to choose which type and brand of supplements are likely safest and most effective. As always when we touch on health topics it's important to mention that we are not medical professionals and you should always consult your doctor before starting or stopping any medication, including supplements.


  • Why Ian & Darren are more likely to experiment with supplements than March (and coincidentally why does Darren have two heads while Ian's skin is bright green?!).

  • The importance of being aware of how supplements are regulated and how you can protect yourself as a consumer.

  • Surprisingly effective (and ineffective) popular supplements

  • Proven ways to think and exercise harder :)

  • And much more…

 Show notes 

  • 2:25 - Why does Darren have two heads while Ian's skin is bright green?!

  • 2:50 - What are supplements and how are they regulated?

  • 5:20 - How do you know what's in the bottle matches what's on the label?

  • 8:10 - Helpful websites that review supplements for quality

  • 13:10 - Tactics for finding good brands for supplements

  • 14:05 - The guys speculate on who would be the Bizzaro superman equivalent of Dr. Rhonda Patrick

  • 14:35 - The difficulty with health claims on supplements

  • 21:30 - The calculated risk of whether to take a particular supplement

  • 24:00 - All about vitamins

  • 32:00 - The guys debate the value, safety and effectiveness of vitamin supplements

  • 35:00 - What supplements have the strongest evidence of being useful?

  • 49:00 - Some useful supplements for performance including creatine

  • 56.30 - March is happy to let Ian & Darren experiment with more exotic supplements :)


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