Qualia - How I defeated procrastination with this brain nootropic supplement stack


Ian's Story

I've been taking Qualia since January 2017 and consistently having great results. As I explain in the clip above from the show, I've pretty much eradicated procrastination from my life and this nootropic (cognitive supplement) stack is a major reason why.

It's filled with over 40 brain nutrients that enhance my focus, energy, empathy and creativity.

Special Deal For Our Listeners

The Better Show has partnered with the folks that make Qualia, Neurohacker Collective, to score our listeners a special deal:

Go to http://betrr.io/qualia and use the code "BETTER" at checkout to get 10% off any single month order and 15% off a subscription!

Go experiment and as always, report back to The Better Show community on the socials to let us know how it goes for you.

-Ian, Darren & March 


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